Super “N” Fish™ NeedleFish

Super Strike Lures SKU: NF5W-008

Super “N” Fish™ NeedleFish

Super Strike Lures SKU: NF5W-008
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With various lengths and colors the Super Strike Super "N" Fish is perfect for imitating a wide variety of sizes of slender baitfish. It comes ready for action with SPRO swivels, VMC hooks, and through wired construction.While you can crawl it slowly as advised with many other needlefish, often a faster retrieve, to the point of occasionally skipping out of the water, can often be the best retrieve even at night with the Super Strike Super N Fish.

Super Strike's Heavy Super "N" Fish is a go to weapon when the wind is howling or you'd like to get down a bit deeper. All 3 models are "loaded" versions of their lighter counterparts. Great for imitating slender baitfish but this lure can catch no matter what baitfish are in the water. Some may think you can't fish with high winds and rain blowing in your face, but with this super strike you can get the job done using this durable and heavy lure. 

Black Eye=standard sinker Red Eye=pre=loaded extra heavy

Model Eye color Length (in) Weight (oz.) Front Hook Back Hook
NF5W Black 5 ¼" 1 #1 5/0
NF5HW Red 5 ¼" 1.7 #1 5/0
NF6W Black 6 ⅜" 1 ½ 2/0  6/0
NF6HW Red 6 ⅜" 2 ⅜ 2/0 6/0
NF7W BLack 7 ¼" 1 ¾ 3/0 7/0
NF7HW Red 7 ¼" 3 3/0 7/0



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